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44 Browning Street
New Zealand
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Winter closure dates: 1 March - 21 October

  • Who are Barrel Tours?

    My name is Steven Riddell and along with my beautiful wife Ally, as of November 2015 I have opened up Christchurch's first Craft Beer Tour. I am a New Zealander who grew up in Timaru on New Zealand's South Island, like many New Zealand males I enjoy the outdoors and have played a multitude of sports while growing up. After finishing school I moved to Dunedin for University and found Tourism, it fit in with what I planned on doing with my life, Travel. After completing degrees in Tourism and Geography I was off to travel the world. Again being a New Zealand male I grew up drinking beer that all tasted the same which was my idea of how beer should be, my mindset was blown apart when I moved off shore. I was delighted to find beer could taste different. This initiated a desire to taste as many different beers as I can, and with a personal standard to taste anything before deciding if I like it or not I have been able to build great beer knowledge. During this time I have travelled the globe working in various positions in the tourism industry finally moving back to Christchurch to pursue business goals with Barrel Tours.

    Enough about me, you are probably asking what is Barrel Tours, well not only are we Christchurch's first Craft Beer Tour we are forging ahead to bring people back to Christchurch at a time when tourism is just starting back up after our earthquakes. The city is building up and the changes that are happening coincide with trends in Craft beer which means lots of small boutique breweries that have control over the taste and styles of beer they create. Anywhere I go one of the most enjoyable things I do in new places is wandering around a city from brewery to brewery or bar to bar tasting beer. I have been lucky enough to do this in Christchurch for a number of years now and have found that our 30 or so Craft Brewers make some of the best beer around. So for those like me who enjoy a nice wander around, drinking great beer and having a general good chat I have opened up Barrel Tours.